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On taking the Climate out of the Environment.

On the CBC News I recently heard some disturbing information that references to 'man made climate change' were being removed from the US government’s environmental website,  T

Glossary | A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change | US ...2016-03-03

This page defines important terms that appear throughout this website, "A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change."

But when I followed the link to this article, I read:

This page is being updated.

Thank you for your interest in this topic. We are currently updating our website to reflect EPA's priorities under the leadership of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt. If you're looking for an archived version of this page, you can find it on the January 19 snapshot.

Here's what our Public Affairs Office released about these changes. (link - )

And following this link, I quickly found the following statement:

“WASHINGTON –, the website for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is undergoing changes that reflect the agency’s new direction under President Donald Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt. The process, which involves updating language to reflect the approach of new leadership, is intended to ensure that the public can use the website to understand the agency's current efforts. The changes will comply with agency ethics and legal guidance, including the use of proper archiving procedures. For instance, a screenshot of the last administration’s website will remain available from the main page.”

Today, it appears that Science is not a priority in Washington, but populism and a short-term road to quick profits in American $$$. (But this is at the expense of the long term future of the entire world’s economy!) For more, read the following article in April 28th’s Washington Post. (manual link - https:// )

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